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Monday, 24 February 2014

May ordered cards

Yes I'm getting in front which is good as they all go over to England.  Its just such fun designing on a theme or colour.

 What can I say but that I love my colour 
printer & wish I had bought one ages ago.
 Bike stamped with stanzon ink & coloured using water pencils, nice to do this for a change.

 I must say I'm glad to have some other ink pads that stamp words well. Distress ink I feel is not crisp enough for words.

 I love this saying :)

 Off to the ball.

A different card, simple, I think
 its very effective though.

Last card for today another box card.

Really loved the way all the elements asked
for just popped up at me for this one.

Monday, 17 February 2014

More Cards!

Moving onto my April card orders, here's two I completed today.  New ink pads arrived which give me crisper lines in words & a larger colour variety.

Having a colour printer has opened up the
 door to a few other options for special orders.

A box card was today's effort with the theme shooting.

Card folded ready to post

Standing up & how it pop open to show inside.

A close up of the tree with 2 hunters behind it.

Grandad card with dogs.

Closed view

 Closed view showing panel where a
message can be written.
Open veiw

Love the saying at the back;
"I strive to be the person my dog thinks I am"

A quick card for an engaged couple..
Love the star effect have the opposite to
use another time.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Step Cards +

Got busy tonight & did some more card orders, decided that step cards were the order of the day for some reason.  Was fun cutting the card I used 6 x 12 inches & then scored & cut where needed.  For the most part I used collectables to make them.  Also a birthday card for a fisherman.  Hope you like them.

 This is the card laying down flat ready to post
The rest of the photos are them 
standing up to show the step.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Window die cards +

Card making time this week & before you ask its not that far away till Mothers day in England; well so I'm told & that's where all these cards are abound.

I have wanted this window die set for like forever & finally bought it.  Yes it sat unused as I was busy with canvas so was glad for card orders that were perfect to create with.  Oh I had such fun, so many variations on a simple die & I can still dream up more I'm sure.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I did creating them.
This was my first one the card reminded me of weather boards & it just grew from there.

 The green is that sandable cardstock that brings up another colour love the effect.
 This just so cute, Grandpa zzz & the birds watching :)

 Bright & sunshine.

 My new white ink sharpie came in handy here on Mum to make it stand out a little more.  Was fun finding just the right bits to make it look like you were looking inside a window. The bricks I created using impasto & a little black stanzon ink love the effect.

So very glad I know how to sew need it to make the curtains. Really pleased with the way this one turned out looking outside the window at the angel teddy very cute :)

Monday, 3 February 2014

Journal page

Decided to try something different using masking tape & various circles.
 First off I stencilled my page. I added black to the grey to make it dingy.  Then I realised I should have painted the page after I gesso it.  Yep I had to paint in between the bricks with tiny brush. Then I added more black to do the larger areas. Well what else is an art journal for but to learn in & have fun.
 Take 2 bit of the card that I created from the cardboard box I stuck them side by side & covered in masking tape.  Run a pencil line around the mummy stencil I created & inked it.  After cutting it out I inked the edges a darker colour.
After gluing the mummy down, I used both ends of a skewer, top of a pacer, bottom on my picker tool to create eyes in the dark.  Now all that's left to do is add some moss when this is dry.  Another bit of fun :)

I decided it needed stamping on the mummy, a quote as well as the moss.  I painted a small area then sprinkled flocking powder on.

This seems to be one of those pages that I look at & add too

Thanks to Creative Jumpstart 2014  (  
who shared the use of masking tape & the humble cardboard box.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Masking tape journal page

A bit of fun, ripped masking tape, then brayer to make
sure was full stuck down.  Next was various inks, stencils,
stamps & rub-ons.  The tag in the middle is handmade paper
tag I had which I crinkled, inked, stamped & attached ribbons, brads & the saying is inked, stencilled & stamped.  I then used my finger to get a very fine black edge with the ink. I attached it with foam tape.  To me it looked kind of 
like an old map hence the rub-ons.  I enjoyed the process.

Thanks to Creative Jumpstart 2014  (  
who shared the use of masking tape.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Pop up Box Card

Today's effort was to achieve this new style.  I thought it suited an card order I had.  Finished result is simple but effective & I will do more of this style.

 Folded ready to go in envelope

Opened up, at the back of the box its a plain
colour for writing on.