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Tuesday, 16 February 2016


Come & find me on:

Love to have more followers on there as well as this blog.  This is the year to see my art grow :)
Wow the year is flying past too quickly.  I have been posting my art of Instagram with lots of peeps at what I'm working on.  Lots including a video of cards I created.  Been busy on a customers order as well as lots of journal pages.  Also completed three altered large playing cards and am looking at doing 24 small ones.  Watched lots videos on new techniques, some of which I have tried out.  The kids art class is going well.  The children have progress heaps in the year I have been teaching them.  They enjoy looking through my journals & often want to try out something I have created.  Lately they have been learning about boarders & how to doodle as well as truth cards and using positive words in their art.  Yes its been a busy time and I'm so loving seeing my own art progress.  As I'm getting more organised I find I created more and its improving.  I have canvas in my head so need to get them out and created.

This year I'm also doing a weekly bible verse.  Each month has a different focus.  Adding yet more positive to my life.

Not sure if this video will work but you can always go find me on Instgram: Claire_Harrisons

The extra challenge this week was to include a photo of yourself.  I had just taken a few selfies with my boy Jimmy.
Here is Jimmy playing with my friends dog.  Katie is such a gentle girl with my little boy.  She even plays tug with him.  Its funny to watch as Jimmy puts everything into tug while Katie is barely holding the rope.

I seem to be in a vibrant fluoro season.  Just love the colours.  This page was fun to create.  I use the stencil with the saying to create a border.  This page says so much for me.  Dream big.  


Saturday, 6 February 2016

2016 and its February already

Honestly where is the year going.  For me its been busy on the art front.  My word for this year is "Focus"

I learnt this technique at Dina Wakley class.  I love the final effect.  I teach children's art and they were really we have to cover up our beautiful colour background with black?

Focus for me is not just about art it's about all area's of my life.  A Holistic approach.

Some journal pages I have completed this year:

This one was a class I took.

Unconditional love.

I also finished off a Ceramic butterfly that is now on my wall:

Swaps have returned to my life again.  Its nice to have time, energy & mojo for them again.  

A postcard swap.

Journal page swap inspired by a colouring book & zen.

Tag with a quote.

Valentines pocket banner which was filled with goodies.

I have also taken to colouring in books.  I find on those not so good days colouring in while watching a movie is fantastic.

This particular small book I carry around with me its great for filling in time while waiting - wherever.  I rather like the sayings that go with the picture's too.

This week I have made over 24 cards, many of which are already sold.  Again its good to be back with a creative mojo & learning new things.  I have been busy watching utube clips and have bought some new products.  Now I have a sea canvas in my head I'm collecting bits to create with. 

The plan is to blog more and even put how too's up and perhaps learn how to video techniques and post them.  Not sure about this last one yet.  Best friends son is learning camera's this year so hoping for help from there later in the year.

Have a fantastic 2016 everyone its going to be a productive fun year.  Its goodby to 2016 no more looking back just looking forward. 

From Jimmy and I, bye till next time.