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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Busy art week.

This week I got organised & created all the birthday cards I needed for the rest of the year.  Then got invited to friends service dog's birthday yikes I need another card.  Another friend came to stay yep I did not have her on my perpetual calendar all fixed now so 2 more cards to make & a few envelope to stick together.  Still I managed to create a journal page & colour in a page.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

More Journal pages.

Been quite busy this month in my journals.  Loving the playtime.

 Another page that started out with left 
over bits of paint & paper.  Kind of neat
as you never really know what you will
get when the page is eventually finished.

 love the metalic & fluro colours

 Freehand drawing my butterfly girl

 This one is an altered stamp image.
Working on improving faces.

This is Jimmy hes a real licker, loves giving you 
kisses. This is this morning in bed with his coat on.

June is coming towards an end.

With the flare up under control its been back at art creating again.  Had lots of fun.  Lots cards never even took photos off bit slack in that area.  My love daughter in love set up a perpetual calendar for me this year so everyone has for the first time received cards on time for birthday & anniversary even family in another country.  Needed one of these years ago.

 These 2 pictures are from birthday presents.  Colouring in is great way to get the creative brain going when you are too tired or in too much pain to design something.

These two are postcards I created for swaps.

Back of an envelope for a friend who loves kewpie dolls & then I created other fab items for her.


 Bookmark card inside is next picture. 

Inside of bookmark card you can see how easily the bookmark tears off.  Was fun to create using the them Kewpie knowing my friend would love them.  I remember having one as a child from the show on a stick was so lovely and also remember how disappointed I was when the glitter came off.

 Class at Lulu Art learnt how to use foil such a fun day love my monthly class look forward to it so much.

 Journal page

 In my small journal started out as a page that I cleaned brushes on used up little bits of pain & wow love it.

 This journal page I stuck scrap paper down all over then drew in flowers & painted all around in black.  Added other bits n bobs anther effective page.

Loved this prompt: Find your tribe and love them hard.
Its exactly as I saw it in my head when I read prompt.
Rather a big lag from creating background and green
stalk to adding the animals and people due to health issues.

 Thought I'd share a picture of the apple pie I 
eat every week this one is decorated with
blackberries.  Gluten free, sugar free, grain
free, protein based & so yummy :)

 Specially ordered card been a while since 
I had created any paper tole flowers.