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Monday, 18 March 2013


Just when you think you have found safe ground along comes yet another item - Inches.  Its harder than you think to create on an inch square.  Thankfully we were allowed to go over the edges phew!  & with some help I even printed out the backing details.

Theme:  Nature

Theme: Africa

 Theme: Farm animals

Theme: birthdays

Alice themed swap

This was such fun to create.  I loved it so much it sat here finished while I enjoyed it & nearly never made the post.  Picture of the box first:





Opening box

Open box.
I love the royal blue that I used
for the butterfly, its a hologram sticky paper 
with glitter around the pipe cleaner.
Its made from a lemon saver.  The 
flowers up the top I made myself.

Here you can see a white flower
with touches of red to indicate
the knaves painting them.  The 
curly bits are just the ends off 
stemmed flowers.  

Opened up to show drink & chocolate
biscuits with red cream insides.  They
are made from foam & embossed.  Ink
inside the jar.

I wanted the bottom to look look like
an old plate so this was my first attempt
at crackle medium.  First off I needed to
modge podge it so as the paint would
stick to plastic.  Will try crackle soon on
a different medium.

Art Journal started

Hearing about it from others I decided it was time to start my own one.  My first page I forgot to photo before I cut it up for atc so here is the scraps & the finished atc.  I created leaves & flower templates out of plastic.

As I still had blobs of paint out on my work mat I decided to continue on & create another page.  Amazes me how different the background are & yet the same paints were used just a lot more mixed together.  

To make the stencilled butterflies stand out more, I watered down some purple paint & brushed it over the white areas.  I ripped & inked a part of a book page & stuck down.  Then it was onto the fussy cutting or the she girl.  I inked all the indges as well as putting various inks over the hair to create depth & over skin areas to create more of a skin colour.  Slightly watered down purple paint was used to create the petticoat.  A mixture of rub-ons & fine tip black pen were used to create the highlights.  More rub-ons were placed int the background.  1 Saying was cut out & glued down, 1 was a rub-on & the other 3 were stamps.  Yes a poodle fitted well as she has been my best friend for many years now.  This was such fun to create I can't wait to do the next one.   

Monday, 11 March 2013

2012 OTP projects

Thought it was time I took a few photos of creations around my home from last year.  Yes butterflies do feature & I have plans for more this year.

This was my first go at painting edges.  I have smaller
ones yet to decorate then they will all go up on the wall

Top view

Side view. This looks fab in my lounge & has been 
used a number of times.

I found this frame in the 2nd hand shop it sat in
the cupboard for a long time before I used it.
Now I'm thinking of pulling it apart & adding to it maybe.

Tags 2013

February 2013 was my first attempt at tags.  I enjoyed them so much that I plan to do many more in the future.
Theme: Layers.  Similar to how I love creating
cards, you have to look to find all the bit n peices.

Theme: boys

These were done for Mothers day at 
my church, everyone is different 
including the verse.  Well loved
with the perfect verse for everyone.

 Theme: feathers
I had only just got this peacock
die had wanted it for ages love it.

 Theme: Up in the air

Theme: Paris

ATC 2013

I shall attempt to keep this up to date during the year so there is a full record of all the atc swaps I participated in.

January (a very busy month):
Theme: chocolate.  Honestly I had to eat
a ton of chocolate to make this one :)

Theme: Boats.  Was my first time
using words printed on velum.

Storybook/fairytales.  This time I learnt
you needed special velum tape.  Yes
 have some now.

Theme: 70's.  Loved using lots
elements to put this one together.

Theme: Cupcakes.  Had to think a little
here as have used cupcakes before.

Theme: Summer.  I had fun creating 
the background using wax.

Theme: Hearts.  Inspired in part by a friend who
loves Alice in wonderland & that I had not yet
used this particular embossing folder.  For this one I won a prize in my group which was exciting.

Theme: Art Deco.  I did lots of googling before
starting to plan this one & even then was not 
confident  I had chosen correctly.  A new 
stamp I had just got to.


Theme: Tick Tock.  The background I made by 
dripping paint using a skewer. 

Theme: Hate - my weekly B12 injections.

Theme: Love.  The background is handmade paper 
found & in the same shop a spray of glitter leaves
which I have cut up.  The ribbon is a reminder of 
Christmas, a time of wonderment & excitement as a child.

Theme: Farmyard.  I so wanted to put prints in mud.
It didn't work so plan B was stamping them on.

Theme: Anatomy
Technique: Wax

Theme: Tea Time.  I bought this tiny pad or rather 3 sets
so I had enough to do atc.  They have been such fun cutting
different elements out to make atc's with.  The photo does not show the invitation well, it says "you're invited".  In this 
case to a royal British high tea :)

Theme: Hearts.  For this one I have cut the white
hearts scroll on the cricut.

March - already wow where is the year going?  For this one I had decided I wanted to use the large soccer ball die I had as the background.  Beyond that I had no idea so this one just grew as I created it.  Decided my person needed the proper colours to wear so asked.  Then by using the different programs on my cricut I was able to create a fair imitation of an Australian player who I decided needed to hold the flag as well.

Theme: Sport

There was very little left of the page.

Theme: mythological with paint
The background was the first page in my 
art journal.  The stencils I made & decided
I wanted it in the bronze/brown colours.  I 
then cut it up & made the atc out of it.


Theme: Zoo.
I have had this alphabet set for ages
waiting for the right time to use it.


Theme: frame
I seem to like using this saying :)

Showing the full set as used different coloured flowers.

Theme: Oriental
Just loved this graphic 45 paper perfect for this one.