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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Card order

These sure have been fun to create and I finally used the butterfly die mmmm love love love it.  Did I say I LOVE it :)

I do love using these word tiles too 

Somehow the butterfly tree just fitted, these
tiny butterflies were a gift love them never 
seen them before so cute :)

Front closed

Back closed

Surprise - kinda cute with all the bras
and the saying will be thanks for all 
your support or something similar
I'm told :)

Monday, 25 August 2014

Playing in journals

Just fun to play in the journals & see what I end up with.

Finished off a page I started last week - often this
small journal is used in waiting times - bus stops etc

This one God dropped into my head at pre-prayer
before Church started.

My big journal just decided to try something different.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

My first face :)

Today at class I did my first ever face.  So loved it.  The class was such fun and so much easier than I expected thanks to and Monika as teacher today.

First up we created a background using fabric & serviettes ( pull off the extra layers first).  Leave a place for the face.  I forgot to take a picture till this stage was so busy enjoying myself.  The basic face is created using a stencil, then you add the neck & the hair line you want.  Paint the hair.  Then we used a stencil and white Liquitex spray paint, masking the area already done as you went.

Doodle the hair however you desire. 

Now paint the skin colour in.  I used 2 colours & mixed them and used them separately to create shading.  Because of the placement of the dove I needed to get out a tiny brush to paint around it.

Ok I got so occupied again I forgot to take more pics. Paint in your eyes and add other facial features.  Choose a background colour & paint it where required, I did over many of my items because it was a metallic see through paint I choose.  Next add any stencil that you would like.  I put 2 in the corners & the script one.  Then I started my shading using gelatos. 

This is my finished peice with all the shading finished.  I also used various black and white pens for highlighting areas.  I'm really pleased with the end result and have the supplies ready to try a few more.  I'm hooked.   

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Gelli printing

Today was working on finishing of double sided gelli printing I started a couple of weeks ago. In the midst of it a friend turned up with this fab find so I was able to hang & dry in the sun prints quickly so I could move onto the 2nd, 3rd or however many prints I did on a page till I was happy.  Recycling at its best.

Then it was clean up time, thought I'd share my clean desk cause it never lasts for long.

My favourite print from today & another from the last printing session. 

This pile will now be bound into an art journal.

My plan is to cut off the white edges & hand stitch together.  Unsure what I will use for a cover yet have a few ideas & not sure which one to use so as they say watch this space :) 

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

My is the week racing by:

Where does the week go its already Tuesday night. Ok this last week has been a little difficult with low sodium levels, least I know what it is now.  Fancy being told to EAT SALT!  Yep my energy levels bottom out big time & headaches etc came with it not been a pleasant place to be in that's for sure very glad things are turning around. 

Doodle at Church on Sunday - well its one way to worship.

The following is 3 fathers day cards, yes in Australia its coming up fast and 2 have already sold so going to have to get organised and create more.

Robin Williams died and a challenge was put up in a group I'm in to do a layout using his first name as items on the page.  I decided to so a page of Sharray my beloved friend that died earlier this year.  R = red, O = oval, B = bones, I = ink, N = neutral.  A double tribute for me.

The craze is everywhere,  my grandkids love these rainbow looms, I finally got one, well it came as part of a pile of beads and bands I bought for them.  Here is my first ever creation.  Its called a  rainbow bloom charm, I'm sure I'll find a use for it somewhere.  I confess the book did not help I had to go online to watch the how to.

Today this is my creation as I watched Tracy, her videos can be either watched live or here afterwards:

Tonight I created this for a special girl whose struggling with a move away from everything and everything she knows.  Special people have such an ability to love no matter where you are at a given moment they just don't hold grudges.  She will be missed by many.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Small Canvas

This is a small canvas I created as part of a gift parcel.  I was mixing paints, using different pens and a tiny paint brush for the black.  Interesting the day I published a picture of this on facebook was the day the news broke of Robin Williams death may he RIP.

Art Journal

Have all so been playing in my art journal experimenting with different things, water colours for one.  Been loving it & from here have started on canvas.

This one in particular speaks to me as for years living in pain with mobility issues I wished I did not wake up in the mornings.  This stage is well over, God healed me & I have such new lease on life.  Some difficult things happened recently which have triggered me off but not returned me to that black hole, I still have things to look forward to & know this stage to will finish in due course.

Acknowledging the healing power of God in my life, don't think I can even express how bleak those 5 + years were living in pain 24/7 with no way out medically.  My Doctor calls my healing a miracle because of this. 

Still no idea what my future holds for me now.  Was much happier with using water colour on this one.

Butterflies have featured heavily in my life for some time now.  Love them, they also speak of new life.

Playing with different paints, stencils & pens.

Zen tangling / doodling

Been a while since I did a post.  Been busy so much going on this is the latest or one of the latest things I have got into so here is my first pages.  Enjoying it good stress reliever & as I'm using a small journal pages are fairly quick to do.  Not sure where I'll take it but for now heres my learning process enjoy )

This one I did at church & gave it to our speaker, funny first time I have taken it with me & just felt to create this.  Yes it spoke to them which is why I ripped it out after I took a photo.