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Saturday, 23 August 2014

My first face :)

Today at class I did my first ever face.  So loved it.  The class was such fun and so much easier than I expected thanks to and Monika as teacher today.

First up we created a background using fabric & serviettes ( pull off the extra layers first).  Leave a place for the face.  I forgot to take a picture till this stage was so busy enjoying myself.  The basic face is created using a stencil, then you add the neck & the hair line you want.  Paint the hair.  Then we used a stencil and white Liquitex spray paint, masking the area already done as you went.

Doodle the hair however you desire. 

Now paint the skin colour in.  I used 2 colours & mixed them and used them separately to create shading.  Because of the placement of the dove I needed to get out a tiny brush to paint around it.

Ok I got so occupied again I forgot to take more pics. Paint in your eyes and add other facial features.  Choose a background colour & paint it where required, I did over many of my items because it was a metallic see through paint I choose.  Next add any stencil that you would like.  I put 2 in the corners & the script one.  Then I started my shading using gelatos. 

This is my finished peice with all the shading finished.  I also used various black and white pens for highlighting areas.  I'm really pleased with the end result and have the supplies ready to try a few more.  I'm hooked.   

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