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Thursday, 2 March 2017

Easter page

This is a fun page I designed for children using limited materials.  I have done it as a double page spread to show lots of ideas expecting them to do it as a smaller page using only a few of the ideas that they like.

These are the 3 serviettes I started with.  I cut them up into 1\4's and used one of each plus added some more of the eggs.  I pulled the ply apart they were all 2 or 3 ply.

They white shadow ply layer I used to add texture in the unused areas after I had glued down what I wanted.

 After drying I added a layer of yellow
 very light in some areas.

Bubble wrap with orange paint was the next layer. 

This wrap came from around fruit another cheap stencil.

Punchinella with white paint to add 
some light highlights. 

Black paint and an old card for mark making.

Then using various pens I scribbled around eggs drew inside the eggs and around various other items.

Final step was to use my finger and melted chocolate to create a border and highlight some of the crinkle raised areas throughout the pages.

The final page I'm going to be interested to see what take the children do with it.  Hope they have as much fun as I did.