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Saturday, 20 September 2014

2nd face

Bettween the 2 classes I have done I did a face at home.  Was lots fun to.  I just played till I was happy with the background without any real plan in place.

Background created using stencil for face,
ripped napkins designs that I liked - butterfly
was fussy cut out.  Purple went over or round
everything & face colour was created using two
colours that I continued till I was happy with shading.

At this point I decided I wanted some paint
to drip down so used distress re inker and
water spray bottle to create a look I liked.

Stencils, modelling paste  and stamping were used
as well as bubble wrap & black paint.

Started working on the eyes

Continuing on face.

Doodling in white started. 

 Continued to doodle and add words
until I was happy with the result.

September 20th art journal class

Another month has just flown by.  I have not kept up this blog but so wanted to share today's class was such fun, so many techniques to learn love it :)  Yes I remembered to take more photos today.

Ready & waiting for class to begin.

First off we covered the page in gesso & pushed
mesh over to create a pattern.  Then we choose
a design & used modelling paste to put it on one side
once the gesso had been dried.

Paint the whole pages black.

Take the photocopy of face & cut out
the portion you wish to use.  This is a
face that Monika had already drawn.

The portion of the face I choose to cut out.
With the black now dry sandpaper however
much you desire.

Now comes the fun bit of creating more backgrounds.
This was created using a stencil & paint.

Stick face down and cover the front too 
ensure its well stuck.  Allow to dry.

Colour texture paste (or similar) with golden paints
(or any paint) & placeflowers where you want them.

Doodling time - leaves, swirls
and time to start on face.

More face details.  At this point 
I sprayed it with finisher so I could
continue with various pens, especially
white and it would stand out.

Add some hair and swirls if you want.

Words added, more face details,
doodling, stamped butterfly on 
neck & doodled a edge.  At this 
point I decided she was wearing 
black so did not show the shoulders.

Added a frame, Finished - maybe?

Using black paint pen went around
all flower petals to get them to stand
out.  Went back over the white words
with a white paint pen.  Added the date.

I had the most fantastic time and so want to create another page.  Hope you try one, cut out a magazine page, stencil a face or even draw one if you are game.  Do please share your results :)