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Monday, 29 April 2013

Mini book

Mothers day is nearly upon us.  Last year I made quite a few star albums & have been racking the old brain for something new this year.  Here is my first mini book Mum style ready or photos, journaling & whatever else she may wish to put in it complete with a box which is large enough to handle the possible bulkiness of the filled album. I sure had fun making it would love to see how its used.

 The little tag is removable isn't it so cute.

Pull out tag from behind the photo mat,
also the photo corners can be used to 
tuck items into.

Three tags the pull out.

Photo corners her too.

Finally the back.  I will make more 
of these they are so cute & fun.

Hat & hat box swap

This was another fun challenging swap first making the hat then the box to put it in.  Style & colours were chosen by the recipients loves - I love greens and blues and anything in between, aquamarine, turquoise and the like. Themes I enjoy are varied - clean and simple, cutesie, right through to shabby chic and steampunk!.  I decided to have a go at mixing styles, well I love it hope you do too :)

Yes I made the lace flower by hand.

The inside of the hat is lined complete
with sweat band.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Sisters 50th birthdy

Yes I know the time has got away on me again & I'm posting overseas but I'm on a roll this week & this is what I created tonight for me sister.  Tomorrow I shall be busy sealing both canvas.

This one just seemed to grow quite quickly that I had the heat gun on it to dry & other layers where just wet upon wet. I had no idea when I started other than it was to be in blues, to use this template & put 50 in it.  Think I emptied out all my drawers looking for just the right bit to go in places.  I do hope she love it.
Woke up this morning realised it need a black cat as they have one called sooty.  The added the J & used a large brush to modge podge it so all ready to send :)

Thursday, 11 April 2013

60th Wedding aniversary

This blog will be added to as I do more.  I started a belated gift for my parents who don't like anyone to celebrate any milestone.  I had emailed a picture of my latest journal entry & Mum had been saying it should be on the wall so I have decided to make them something similar but in Gold tones as per google said 60th was.

I was unable to get a plain frame so I started with this one
Modge podged over it first
Then added crinkled tissue paper
Painted over it green as they have a lot of green in their home, by watering it down I created various depth of green.

Today I made some templates from overhead plastic & used modelling paste to create the H60 & H images & forgot to photo that stage sorry.

Once it was dry I used some new stipple brushes & gold paint with my butterfly template.  Then I used browns, yellows, gold, glitter gold paint to do the edges & add some leaves flowers & finally a tiny brush on the H60 image.  I used my fingers along with all the colours mentioned to paint the edges & blend the colours together.

Now its taking on more of the design of she art.  Paper piecing with inked edges & glued down with watered down modge podge.  Corner edge painted in gold with a rub on applied.  Note rub ons I have discovered are not easy to apply to canvas frames its hard to get a solid background to rub on.  Put the metal shim from the cuttlebug & a book helped I found.

Looks finished to me but you never know what I may add over the next few days :)

Decided it needed a cat & then modge podge it so its now all ready to post :)

Sunday, 7 April 2013

50th birthday card

Friends asked me to do a 50th birthday card.  He likes gardening, guitar, had his initials PC so away I went.

Love the number plate nice touch I though.
Decorated the inside to.  Both are rub-ons.
The gardening one was white so I put in on
black then cut around it so it would show up.


Saturday, 6 April 2013

Jewelry box from matchboxes

I have had this project in mind for a while for Miss 10 (granddaughter) as she was getting her ears done this year.  I am pleased with the finished result as I'm sure she will be.  Done in her favourite colours, for now anyway, purple & blue.  I included her initial & her love of horses.  & yes those feet are beads with butterflies now what else would I use.  I finished it all off with a gloss to seal, protect & make it at least dustable.  Wonder if it will actually last the riggers a 10 year old will give it.
She will love these necklaces

The cutest earrings I love them

Finished all made from matchboxes.  
The horse she can take off.