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Monday, 5 December 2016

December daily

Thought I would play along this year and give it a go.  Yes its already
the 6th and I have only done page one will catch up.  Had such fun with water colours creating this.

Journal pages

Only problem is I can't do both pages & crocheting or not the amount of both I want to I just run out of time and energy.  As long as I do something creative everyday I'm happy :)

Cards Cards and more Cards and a village.

My first village still want to flock the base green and add Christmas lights and other decorations so may not get finished for this Christmas due to my huge crochet list.

December has arrived wow!

Honestly where do the days go I spend so much time creating that I forget to blog I do Instagram more often put up a quick picture of what I did that day.  Past couple months I have been busy crocheting up a storm.  Been some years since I did much so its been lovely.  Also learn lots new stitches following along with CAL which thankfully had videos to teach me.

This is for me a purple rug I will put a butterfly in the middle square after I have finished all the Christmas gifts.

 Jimmy of course was always helping me :)

Made a second one in colours to suit a Christmas gift,
the deco they use I'm sure they will love it can't wait
to give it to them.

Doily for a birthday gift she loved it :)

Bookmark for a swap.

 Owl cushion another Christmas gift.

 Started the mandela CAL run out of this cotton and could not get more so finished it off here I still love it for me :)

A friend made me this blocking board which has
 been  in full time use the past few weeks. 

Doily for another Birthday gift.

Page when closed.

Life journal class the middle is lots of tip
 in's  with the right side a flip out. 
A small book I can use as a tip in sometime. 

Postcard for a swap. 

 Another postcard.

Even managed a little colouring in.

Sunday, 31 July 2016

August is here allready

Almost can't believe it August this year is just flying by. Here is three canvas panels 5 x 7 that I have put up for sale $5 each Australian dollars + postage which will be envelope rate.

 Peace at sea 

 Peaceful medow

Spider lake

Last of July pages

Last of the pages from last month:

 Class for the month lots of fun again.

 This quote & extra prompt auto went to a China page for me & had just got a travel flyer on China perfect timing :)
Think I would have liked this to be a brighter page 
but overall the concept is good so will try again.

 Used a journal page from early in the year as the 
photo to go on the front of a journal I had printed.

 Jimmy always find the warmest places to sleep

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Smile journal page.

Loved this quote was such a fun one and 
I found the most amazing pictures to go 
with the metallic background I created.

Yes amazing purple & butterflies made it onto 
the page along with the splatters of rain.

Thought I'd share this beautiful gift I received :)

Canvas - a gift for a long time friend

Been a while since I created a canvas so was so lovely to see this one turn out as I saw in my head.  Creating for someone you know is fun as I could personalise it for them.
I started out creating lots texture using texture paste.

Next I painted my first sunset background using 
Dylusions paints they were the best for this as not
only are they vibrant colours but blend together so well.

Bonus was I used the remains of the colours to create a background in my small journal for a future day.

When all that was dry it was time to add my tissue paper tree.  This time I created tiny twigs & a vine running over the tree as we see in Queensland the strangler vine that takes over a tree in time. 

The completed canvas there is so many things tucked away that make it interesting to look at time and time again.  Three items I used patina to change their colour as they were too brass for this canvas.

"L" for my friends name.  Amazing 
what I find in my saved treasures.

Often I peek a larger animal out somewhere this time it was a rabbit thinking about coming out of its hole.

The handmade beads look fantastic on 
here with little bit of writing poking out.

Can you see the flock of birds flying in the distance?

Love that there is so much texture 
and layers to look at.

The bird is an item I created 
using a mould & painted.

The nest is another mould then painted.

Now the canvas bug has bit again time to create more.  
Hope you love this as much as I do and my friend does.