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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Heartfelt Sympathy

I choose the picture first as being suitable for my friend who lost here Mum.  My friend likes cards that reflect the person. These cards were similar to collector cards years ago & she was a keen gardener.  

Friday, 25 January 2013

Use of wax in creating backgrounds

25 January 2013

My first go at wax, I used tealight candles & tipped wax on card & tried tipping the card.  I also used the wooden end of a brush to make the patterns.
 Waxed backgrounds

Painted & drying.  Once dry I scraped the wax of using a cricut tool cause it seemed perfect.

Next I put some ink over to give the effect of waves

The three backgrounds I made

The finished atc, theme was Summer.

Although pleased with the final result, when I get a straw I will try blowing the wax.  

Have a go its fun & the wax dries real fast, just don't put a heat gun on to dry paint cause the wax will melt again.

The only item damaged in all this was a piece of paper. Striking the match the spark flew across the table to the piece of paper rather than lightening the match.

Secret Sister swap

Had a lot of fun creating this one in Alice in Wonderland theme.

Every page has a different Alice quote on it.

The back complete with magnet 

All packed up in a box I made.

The lid with an Alice quote on it.
Funny story here:  The word did not slide out of its bag, came out as a mess & as I did not have another one I had to untangle it bit by bit.  Not something I would recommend   In future I will cut the packing off.

Back of the box.

We also swapped matchboxes which was such fun to create in an Alice theme.  I made the matchbox from scratch designing it myself as a large one.  Next time I would make the insert first then I could alter the outside to suit better just guessed at how much room it would need.  

Side view, tried to make it look like a book.

Bottom veiw

Yes it was very full of all sorts of goodies.  Was such a fun swap plan to do more :)

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Desk tidies

These I made for my oldest grandaughters they loved them & were looking forward to going home to put them on their desks.  Already used them making craft at my place this weekend.  These were such fun to create using containers, decorating & sealing with mod podge & filling. Recycling at its best I say.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Granddaughters Cards

Just wanted to show off the granddaughters work.  They are coming on nicely with their projects gaining confidence to try new things.  Very quick to pick up the use of the cuttlebug & circut which amazed me.

Card toppers

 Card toppers are such fun to play around creating & then turning them into cards or using on layout.