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Friday, 25 January 2013

Use of wax in creating backgrounds

25 January 2013

My first go at wax, I used tealight candles & tipped wax on card & tried tipping the card.  I also used the wooden end of a brush to make the patterns.
 Waxed backgrounds

Painted & drying.  Once dry I scraped the wax of using a cricut tool cause it seemed perfect.

Next I put some ink over to give the effect of waves

The three backgrounds I made

The finished atc, theme was Summer.

Although pleased with the final result, when I get a straw I will try blowing the wax.  

Have a go its fun & the wax dries real fast, just don't put a heat gun on to dry paint cause the wax will melt again.

The only item damaged in all this was a piece of paper. Striking the match the spark flew across the table to the piece of paper rather than lightening the match.

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