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Friday, 3 February 2017

Lulu Art promps weeks 4 and 5

Decided to play with these today, only had four colours.  No preparing of page other than masking tape the join to stop seepage as needed to spray with water.  This was to be an experiment.  

 I ended up with way too much water on the right hand side.

 Decided to blot it off but left the left hand side alone.
Part of a colouring page was to be the main feature.

 I do think letting the page air dry gives a more vibrant colour.  In this case it worked out a treat.  I do like the effect so will be playing more in the future.  More colours are on the wish list too.  Hope you get some to try yourself, the result can be unpredictable but lots fun as a jumping off point.

Just had to have fun with this quote and the
MacDonalds cup I had collected :)

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