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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Art Journal

Have all so been playing in my art journal experimenting with different things, water colours for one.  Been loving it & from here have started on canvas.

This one in particular speaks to me as for years living in pain with mobility issues I wished I did not wake up in the mornings.  This stage is well over, God healed me & I have such new lease on life.  Some difficult things happened recently which have triggered me off but not returned me to that black hole, I still have things to look forward to & know this stage to will finish in due course.

Acknowledging the healing power of God in my life, don't think I can even express how bleak those 5 + years were living in pain 24/7 with no way out medically.  My Doctor calls my healing a miracle because of this. 

Still no idea what my future holds for me now.  Was much happier with using water colour on this one.

Butterflies have featured heavily in my life for some time now.  Love them, they also speak of new life.

Playing with different paints, stencils & pens.

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