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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

My is the week racing by:

Where does the week go its already Tuesday night. Ok this last week has been a little difficult with low sodium levels, least I know what it is now.  Fancy being told to EAT SALT!  Yep my energy levels bottom out big time & headaches etc came with it not been a pleasant place to be in that's for sure very glad things are turning around. 

Doodle at Church on Sunday - well its one way to worship.

The following is 3 fathers day cards, yes in Australia its coming up fast and 2 have already sold so going to have to get organised and create more.

Robin Williams died and a challenge was put up in a group I'm in to do a layout using his first name as items on the page.  I decided to so a page of Sharray my beloved friend that died earlier this year.  R = red, O = oval, B = bones, I = ink, N = neutral.  A double tribute for me.

The craze is everywhere,  my grandkids love these rainbow looms, I finally got one, well it came as part of a pile of beads and bands I bought for them.  Here is my first ever creation.  Its called a  rainbow bloom charm, I'm sure I'll find a use for it somewhere.  I confess the book did not help I had to go online to watch the how to.

Today this is my creation as I watched Tracy, her videos can be either watched live or here afterwards:

Tonight I created this for a special girl whose struggling with a move away from everything and everything she knows.  Special people have such an ability to love no matter where you are at a given moment they just don't hold grudges.  She will be missed by many.