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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Secret Garden Cal 2017

This will be an ongoing post as it runs for some months.  First square due out in a few hours.  I'm prepared ready and raring to go and super excited as this one is for me.

I was given two of this one, think it was for backing on fish tanks nice and thick so with the wide sellotape and contact  it should last a while.
There was only one of this print hence the 
scrap sides and bottom and butterfly inside. 
The scrappy side decided to add in the bits around my 
new art journal so both worlds are meeting here. 
 Yes butterflies had to make a show in somewhere had just enough of this wrapping paper for inside bottom.
Awaiting the first stitch.  I also bought an extra ball of each colour just in case which will be the start of my stash :)

Practice square for week one finished.

Don't they look so cute at this stage.

Square one finished in the four colourways.

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